Friday 10 April 2015

In praise of Wenger's macro management

Although I'm not an AKB by a long stretch, I thought it's about time I wrote something in praise of Arsene Wenger. The team's impressive recent results has not happened by accident, and the manager must take some credit.

Earlier in the season, it was obvious that the players were allowed to dictate the slightly more defensive policy on the pitch, as Arsenal final recorded an away victory at Man City. At the time, I received some criticism for daring to suggest that Wenger had relinquished control to the players for that game. However, I wasn't being critical. Far from it. Instead, I was lauding Le Boss! He was seeing the bigger picture: empowering the players (tying in with the idea that most of the team are captains) and applying macro management skills to great effect.

Directly opposed to this approach is the micro management of Jose Mourinho, with his obsession with tactical details. Of course, this is also a winning formula and I'd still like to see that added to Wenger's repertoire of management skills. It's never too old to learn if your nickname is 'The Professor'.

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