Wednesday 18 March 2015

Grand Prix starts needed @ Arsenal

Arsenal's propensity to start poorly came back to haunt them last night, as the team came close to knocking Monaco out of the Champions but ultimately succumbed on away goals (conceded in the first leg).

As usual, early damage proved decisive. This has been the case in the league as well, for despite the recent impressive run in the league the title is still out of reach.

It all begs the question: why do Arsenal begin matches and campaigns so dismally? Is it arrogance?

Some people have accused Wenger of arrogance and perhaps that is reflected in the way the team plays. I'm not sure that's true, but it's worth consideration. Why else do we not appear to our homework on the opposition? Why else do we continually give comparatively weak opposition a head start in crucial matches?

Whatever the root cause, it seems that a type of psychological frailty may be part of the reason. Nevertheless, some credit is due to the team, who usually have the guts and gumption to play their way back into games that have been carelessly thrown away.

However, there must be a better way. We need to see a more focused Arsenal from the start against Reading to ensure advancement in the FA Cup and more of the same in the final, if we make it. 'If' is the operative word as we must stop taking the opposition for granted.

The fans want more cups, not talk of 'character' after the horse has bolted.

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