Tuesday 26 July 2016

Is This A Hint Leicester Have Accepted Arsenal's Offer For Mahrez?

Many Arsenal fans are patiently waiting for the next player Wenger will sign. And considering how poor Walcott was last season, many including myself would definitely like to see the signing of a wing forward aside the MUST have striker. This is why I and I guess many Arsenal fans were happy this weekend when news broke that we are on the verge of signing Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City.

Some reports even went as far as saying we have agreed personal terms with the Algerian. Although it appears the deal isn't as close as the media is making out but due to the intensity of the rumour we believe there is a real chance Mahrez could be playing for Arsenal next season.

From what I have read and from reliable journalist both in the papers and on the social media, the deal is not close but Mahrez is keen on leaving Leicester City this summer and reportedly favours a move to us despite interest fron Chelsea and PSG.

What is however interest is the fact that Metro are reporting that Mahrez hasn't traveled with the rest of his team mates for their pre-season tour to America. The player was spotted in London while his team mates were flying to Los Angeles.

Why hasn't he traveled with his team mates? Why was he in London and not flying to Los Angeles with the rest of the Leicester City squad? Could it be he has been excused from the pre-season tour just so he can conclude his move to Arsenal or maybe Chelsea?

It is even more interesting as Leicester have been linked with the signing of a wing forward in Bartosz Kapustka who plays in the Polish league. Maybe Mahrez replacement is already been sourced?

The Mahrez to Arsenal rumour is in my opinion one worth keeping an eye on. And I personally won't be surprised if the player is playing for us next season. He seems very much like the sort of signing Wenger will make and if he does, it will make perfect season.

His versatility means we can afford to rest Ozil whenever Wenger chooses and that he will be an upgrade to Theo Walcott on the right flank is something that is glaringly obvious even to the blind.


  1. Except Mahrez is in LA with Leicester, as seen on Twitter via LCFC and Instagram via Mahrez himself.

    Must try harder

  2. Why don't you visit the LCFC site? You will see lots of pics of a happy Riyad in LA with his Leicester team mates. And the fact he travelled to London with the same team mates has escaped your attention?

  3. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CoI-kWHWIAAp5fs.jpg
    Look at Leicester city's twitter gallery of their plane photoshoot and then rewrite this article.
    "Reliable Journalists" and the "Metro" should never come anywhere near each other. in the same paragraph.

    The loose cannon couldn't be a more accurate title for you right now.

  4. Except he has travelled to America with the rest of the Leicester team and the whole team were in London as that is where the flight to America was from, Ranieri and the Leicester owners have said time and time again that he is happy at Leicester and is staying

  5. More of the same I'm afraid... Mahrez was pictured on the steps of the plane taking the team over to LA and will play his part V's PSG at the weekend. Seriously you sad gooners should really get out more, you're desperate! Maybe get shot of Wenger and give yourselves a chance to win something again, it must be rubbish to watch Leicester win the league while you flounder.