Wednesday 29 April 2015

Are Arsenal right to snub Schneiderlin?

I'm going to answer that question in the title quickly for once: yes!

I even agree with the (un)official reason for Arsenal's lack of interest in a player that we've been long linked with: Coquelin.

Although I've rated Coq-au-vin from the first moment I saw him play, even I couldn't imagine he would develop into the midfield enforcer that he has in such a short space of time. It just shows what confidence and faith can do. One minute a virtual zero, next minute a bona fide hero! Talk about a footballing fairytale. We just have to make sure Coq-au-vin doesn't turn into pumpkin soup anytime soon, as we've only got Flames as back-up.

Here I am saying only Flames, but he's another favourite of mine. However, he's not been at his best latterly, so I can see him moving on this summer.

Maybe we should get Schneiderlin after back-up to Coquelin.

Apart from transfers, and for once I'm not sure we need a lot of new blood, the only thing on my mind is the FA Cup.

Please Mr Wenger, start with Ospina in goal and our two most in form full backs (I'm not naming them now, as it varies). Please don't take Villa for granted like we did Reading, as they won't hand us the trophy without a fight. So we need to field our best team this time. Somehow I don't think we will, but as long as we end up winning even if it is a white-knuckle ride then all is rosy in the garden of Arsenal fans...especially if we secure Champions League football for next season as well.

Right now, we're probably the second best team in England, which is why Chelsea celebrated their draw with us so much. It'll be us and them next season fighting for the title next season, I should think unless any of the other big clubs can bring in Luis Suarez, an Alexis Sanchez or someone else of that ilk.

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