Wednesday 13 August 2014

Arsenal pecking order: Campbell or Sanogo?

On Arsenal Player, there was much debate between Adrian Clarke and John Cross over the relative merits of Joel Campbell and Yaya Sanogo.

From their discussion, it seemed as if both would put Campbell ahead of Sanogo in the Arsenal pecking order.

While I agree with Clarke, in that Campbell deserves a chance at Arsenal after a number of loan spells, I'd still have Sanogo in front of him for now.

The reason why is simple: Sanogo must be a nightmare to play against. I think his basic instinct is to be unselfish, so I'm not expecting a deluge of goals from him. However, he's such a handful that he's going to make defences nervous. Opponents will make more mistakes up against him and consequently, as a team, we'll score more.

If he's fit, Sanogo can be the type of forward who will never give the defence a moment's peace. He'll challenge for everything. And when he gets the ball, there's no telling what he'll do with it. He's all arms and legs, and Premier League defenders will always struggle to dispossess him.

Campbell's got a physical presence too, but there's less about him that would make me worry if I were marking him. I'd just try to stop him shooting from long-range and track his runs. That would be enough to keep him from making too much trouble.

Nevertheless, it's still too early to be sure about either player's ability to play a major part in the forthcoming season. Right now, I'd opt for Sanogo, but I'd like to see both get a chance.

May the best man win his place in the starting line-up!

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