Wednesday 8 June 2016

Vardy won't be the new Ian Wright

Jamie Vardy's procrastination suggests he won't be Arsenal's new Ian Wright even if he does sign.

If I were manager of Arsenal, I'd be looking for other options on the transfer front. Why wait for a player who is not chomping at the bit to join? I'd even consider withdrawing the offer, as it seems obvious that Vardy is hoping for other offers to come in from other clubs by the end of Euro 2016. If that happens, he can play the other clubs off against Arsenal and secure a larger pay packet. Alternatively, he can move to another big Premier League club. Neither situation suits Arsenal.

Of course, if Vardy stays with Leicester, he will be playing safe. There, he is a big fish in a small pond. At Arsenal, he'll be a minor star, who may be played out of position and might be benched if he doesn't perform. At the age of 29, does he really want to take that risk?

For that matter, do Arsenal still want to take the risk on an uncommitted striker just short of 30, who has had one good Premier League season? I'd seriously consider pulling the plug on the deal, as the deadline for a decision has come and gone. Vardy's inaction speaks volumes.

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  1. #LCFC A "SMALL POND".. PREMIER WINNERS, 10 BETTER THAN THE GUNNERS..This ARROGANCE is part of the arsenal fans problem..saw it after the emirates have NO god given entitlement, 12 long years must of taught you that..if vardy goes LCFC fans on the whole will wish him well..but I think it will be a mistake.

  2. Much as I think signing a reliable striker is of A1 importance, I tend to agree with you about Vardy. If he was truly committed, surely he would have wrapped it all up before going to the Euro Finals. Only trouble is, who else can we sign !?

  3. True, Ian has spoken. Vady is almost 30 has on good season which probably will outfit his competence due to the fact that he will need to adopt arsenal culture and playing style. Vady is better for the direct football, very physical and long pass unlike arsenal which builds the game with many passes. In fact Arsenal is the only team bitten LFC in all games last game proving that Vardy will struggle. When Giroud joined arsonal was the top and best sticker in League1 in France.

  4. Vardy type player would be good for us. Obviously would prefer Aubameyang which city sound like they are in for now. Which makes me wonder why Wenger does not go for "top top quality" as he usually states he wants. Anyway we need a pacey stiker to be able to play games where fast counter attacking football is effective againt certain teams. With Ozil and Xhaka in the team the long balls will be great!