Saturday 23 July 2016

Not Mahrez - Arsenal Make Official Contact With Club Over £50m Star Signing

With Higuain looking like he is off to Juventus and Icardi likely to remain at Inter Milan, Arsenal's chances of getting a striker is increasingly reducing. There are just not many strikers left that Arsenal can sign this summer. Hence Arsenal may have to pay a little premium or end up with no striker.

But according to highly rated Italian journalist Emanuele Giulianelli (via Mirror), Arsenal are still very much interested in signing Belgium and Everton striker Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian has made it clear he would like to move this summer to a club where he can play in the Champions League for the first time in his career.

And with Chelsea who everyone thought would be resigning him seemingly more interested in other targets, it appears Arsenal have a good chance of getting himself especially as PSG who have also been linked seem to be concentrating on getting James Rodriguez.

However, Everton's asking price of £50million could be too much for Arsenal to pay. According to Emanuele Giulianelli, Arsenal made contact with Everton for the player yesterday;

Giulianelli tweeted: “Arsenal aren’t too optimistic after hearing they’d have to pay £50m for Lukaku to Everton.

“Informal contact was made yesterday between Arsenal and Everton but in my opinion the deal won’t progress despite Lukaku wanting the move.”

If the Italian is right and Lukaku is truly keen on signing for us, then it all depends on Wenger. With Welbeck out till March leaving only Giroud as the only real striker we have, signing Lukaku will make a lot of sense for us. Unfortunately, I do not see it happening unless Wenger finally decides to live in 2016 and not 2006. If Michy can go to Chelsea for £34 million, then I can totally understand why Everton are demanding so much for Lukaku.

What Wenger is trying to do for football is noble but it isn't working. Even UEFA had to give up on FFP as it just isn't working. It is time for Wenger to finally accepts the fact that the market is ruined for everyone and if there is anyone who can fix it, it is not Wenger, it is UEFA and FIFA who have to stop the reckless spending.

To me, it is hypocrisy that Arsenal can earn so much money from the TV money and other commercial deals and then choose not to spend more in the transfer market to improve the squad. If your business (sadly football is now a business) is making you money, then you should put some money back into the business or else you will be out of business soon.

It was Arsenal who shot themsleves in the foot last summer by not buying what they need. The folly of keeping money in the bank last season rather than spending it on what we need is now glaringly obvious to everyone. The money the club was keeping rather than spending has now lost its value as the prices of players are now even higher than ever in this inflationary market. Unfortunately, to solve the problem the club and Wenger created, money may have to be thrown at the problem. That is especially the case with our scouting network suddenly finding it so difficult to sign the superstars of the future for knock-down prices.

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  1. We will start with only Giroud and get the same old crap fed to us,the man has an unnatural dislike of strikers and CB's. I hope I'm wrong but I can't see it, Pogba for 85 odd million tells you today's market ain't for Wenger