Friday 1 February 2013

A Cole for Arsenal's late Xmas present

Football family members have a late Xmas. It's called transfer deadline day. Once again, I wake up underwhelmed. Sitting beaneath the tree is a piece of coal (Cole?). It's been a cold winter of discontent, and Arsanta Wenger has given us a lump of something. It's a left back, who sounds like a Tex-Mex restaurant from a Cockney part of Canada: Nacho Monreal. Cockney as the 't' has been dropped from Montreal. Boom boom! While all the other clubs have signings galore, we have one arrival. Better than none, but George Graham says we're missing a spine; now we've added a left leg. While it may help, it won't be enough to win us anything. Fourth has to be the new first, as that's all we can get with this squad.

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