Sunday 20 January 2013

Arsenal: spirit, no points; also no arrivals - coincidence?

Loic Remy scored on his debut. He was on our radar. Sturridge is scoring for fun at Liverpool after an early January transfer. But Arsenal's powder remains dry on the transfer front. We're boxing clever. Or are we? It's a false economy if we keep losing points to save a few quid by waiting until the last minute to bring in reinforcements. Surely Wenger realises that! I'm so disappointed. I'm pleased we've sign Theo Walcott at long last. But why does it take this long to sign a player who wants to stay? Only insiders can answer that, but you can't help but feel that something is wrong behind the scenes. Meanwhile, PSG are interested in Wenger, according to the Mirror. Ha ha! They ruin the story by saying we'll get Ancelotti in a part-exchange deal. A manager swap deal! I've never heard of it, but maybe it'll happen one day. But at Arsenal? We can't even sign players, let alone managers!

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