Wednesday 22 June 2011

Gervinho in, Bendtner out, Vela stays, Falcao`s fantasy, Afobe loaned

It`s been protracted but hopefully soon we can say Gervinho`s a Gooner! First, we`ll have to say `goodbye` to Nicklas Bendtner, who seems to be ready to join Borussia Dortmund. No doubt we`ll use the money from that deal to pay for Gervinho, not that we`re tight Arsenals or anything!

That`s why the Falcao story is pure fantasy. A £26m buy-out clause will put us off the scent. If Porto will do business for half that, we might go as far as to make inquiries. Otherwise, forget it.

Meanwhile, Carlos Vela is likely to spend another season looking cold on the bench. He`s going nowhere. He looks as happy as a penguin at London Zoo in the summer, and I feel we should do a whip round and buy him his ticket back to Mexico. He`s just not going to cut it, sadly.

A bit like his forgotten compatriot at Spurs (you know the bloke they got from Barca!), loads of skill but not enough grit for the Premier League. Only difference is one`s too lightweight and the other one`s too heavyweight, allegedly.

Let`s hope Benik Afobe cuts it out on loan next season and returns a better player. It`ll probably be Millwall and it`ll probably be another Jay Simpson situation: a loan ahead of a transfer, but hopefully Benik can prove me wrong.

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