Saturday 25 June 2011

Arsenal fans get double dose of Fokker...or good news

Robert DeNiro might call it a `double dose of Fokker`, but me, well I call it `better than nothing`. While Manchester United sign Gooner Ashley Young, we manage to bring in Velez Sarsfield midfielder Ricardo Alvarez, allegedly.

Arsene Wenger`s record with Argentinians is not that good. Anyone remember Nelson Vivas? Not bad, but I don`t recall him impressing the faithful that much. How about Fabian Caballeros? Less said the better.

Talking of players we don`t think about much, what about Emmanuel Frimpong? I must admit I haven`t been losing sleep over his possible departure, but nevertheless it`s nice to know we do have a player at the club who genuinely wants to stay. Allegedly.

Good ol` Frimpong said on Twitter: "If he [manager Arsene Wenger] doesn't come up to me to say 'I'm giving you an opportunity' then obviously my time at Arsenal doesn't look too good.

"Arsenal FC is pumping through my veins.

"I will never leave Arsenal even if I get released I will beg on both knees to stay they're going to have to escort me [out]."

Now who wishes the early-leavers at the Emirates felt as passionately as that?

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