Saturday 20 January 2024

Arsenal 2-0 Palace

The Gunners' winter-break trip to Dubai appears to have paid dividends, judging by their dominance over their local opponents at the Emirates.

Two goals from Gabriel were the difference between the teams at half-time, but the dubious goals panel seem intent on stealing Gabriel's second strike from him. What are these people on? If Gabriel didn't head it goalwards, then there would have been no goal. How can they award an own goal to Henderson? It makes no sense at all?

At least the goal wasn't ruled out by VAR. The Palace keeper claimed he was impeded by Ben White, but there was no excuse for the pitiful defending. Ben White was just standing his ground; he was not fouling the keeper.

It's good to see Arsenal scoring from two dead ball situations. Clearly, they've been working on these in Dubai.

Palace are likely to have a bit more about them in the second half, so Arsenal still need a third goal to put this game to bed.

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