Sunday 7 January 2024

Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool (FA Cup)

A Diaz strike and a Kiwior own goal ended Arsenal's FA Cup involvement.

Liverpool's smash and grab victory means it's one win in seven and three defeats in a row for the Gunners.

The Reds or should it be the Purples had the better subs, although not all are exactly household names. Credit has to go to Bradley, who came on as a right back to snuff out the threat of Martinelli, Arsenal's only partially effective substitute.

Nketiah barely made an impact as another substitute, while Smith-Rowe was only given three minutes of normal time to make a difference.

Meanwhile, the starting eleven acquitted themselves well.

Havertz did everything right, more or less, except score.

Saka was back to his best, despite his dodgy Achilles and his finishing.

Odegaard was impressive and hit the bar in the first half.

Saliba was majestic and the other defenders were reasonable.

Rice was snapping into the tackles, while Jorginho was dominant alongside him.

Ramsdale made a good save and even Nelson nearly scored.

However, if you don't take your chances, the ultimate price to be paid is defeat and until Arsenal bring an experienced out-and-out striker, they'd better get used to disappointment.

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