Saturday 1 October 2022

Arsenal 1-1 Spurs (half-time)

After Partey's peach of a goal, good enough to win any game, supplied coolly by Saka and White, Keystone Cops defending allowed Spurs back in. Kane, (who else?), supplied the finish.

The truth is Spurs look more dangerous on the counter than Arsenal seem for all their dominance. It won't surprise if this game ends up going against the Gunners, as they've literally given it everything, but haven't looked like they'll score again, despite Martinelli hitting the outside of the post.

Jesus also hit the target, but so did Richarlison, so this game is really in the lap of the gods or VAR, as they're now called.

I can't moan about the penalty this time. The one at White Hart Lane was a joke, but Gabriel was actually guilty of nibbling at the opponent, so we can't complain about the officials for once. It was naive!

I wouldn't bet against Gabriel getting the winner to make up for his mistake, but it could go the other way too, especially if the officials start taking centre stage. It's a hard one to call!

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