Saturday 1 October 2022

Arsenal 3-1 Spurs (full time)

What a great win! Thoroughly deserved, although there were one or two shaky moments, the team were momentous!

Ramsdale 8 - dominated his box, made an excellent save and distributed well
White 9 - imperious display (didn't seem happy to be subbed)
Saliba 9 - totally unfazed by opponents and the epitome of cool
Gabriel 7 - shaky at times, but committed
Zinchenko 8 - he's human after all, making a mistake with a terrible defensive header, but made up for it with his poise and guile
Saka 8 - the opponents had three players marking him
Odegaard 7 - not at his best
Partey 9 - faultless display and an amazing goal
Xhaka 8 - scored and I'm no longer surprised; predictably effective
Martinelli 9 - tore Spurs to shreds; deserved a goal
Jesus 8 - moments of genius and a scrappy goal

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