Friday 29 August 2014

Arsenal's Giroud replacement

My natural inclination is to start every article with: 'As most regular readers know...'. Well, that's how it seems to me, so I've resisted the temptation this time!

However, that leaves me wondering how to reintroduce the concept of Alexis Sanchez failing to deliver as a striker. Wait! Did I say failing to deliver? After his crucial goal against Besiktas that made the £36m or so we paid seem like peanuts in comparison to what that strike was worth to the club?

No. To reiterate what I said about Sanchez: he will struggle for goals in the Premier League. The Champions League is a whole different ball game. He's used to continental teams, so I'm expecting a lot more goals from him in this competition. We might even be able to get away without replacing Giroud for the Champs League, bearing in mind the big Frenchman is a very English-style centre forward.

What we won't get away with is not replacing Giroud in domestic competition. We need a big centre forward for English football, at least as a plan B, when Sanchez is struggling to make a breakthrough. Believe me, that will happen a lot in his first season in England, especially away from home.

It's those tough away trips to the north of England that worry me. If Sanogo fails to make the grade or continually struggles with his fitness, we can kiss the Premier League title goodbye. That's why we need to adequately replace Giroud. To place all our faith in Sanogo is reckless to the extreme, but that's what I anticipate we will be doing.

Let transfer deadline day roll on and let's see what transpires. You'll probably find out about our new signings last here, but at least they'll be an attempt at intelligent comment. And I won't link us with players in a Willy Nilly fashion just to get page views, although I have to admit Willy Nilly sounds like the sort of player we've been linked with lately.

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