Monday 1 September 2014

In defence of Sanogo

After Arsenal's 1-1 draw at Leicester and the aftermath, I feel compelled to leap to Yaya Sanogo's defence.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Sanogo have a hand in the opening goal, despatched clinically by Sanchez.

Therefore, I conclude that Sanogo did his job, at least to some extent. That's why I can't understand why so many fans are on his back.

After all, Sanogo's still young and he's yet to have a long run in the team after recovering from a long-term injury.

Yes, Sanogo is raw, but he is a handful. It's obvious Premier League defenders don't like playing against him and they try to mark him tightly. This frees up space for the likes of Sanchez to strike, as we saw at the weekend.

Meanwhile, Joel Campbell is largely untried while Podolski is (perhaps quite rightly) mainly overlooked. I say 'rightly' because Podolski's cameo appearance against Leicester did little to convince.

However, Wenger needs to consider making substitutions earlier. Poor Poldi had only 15 minutes of normal time to impress. But impress, he didn't.

It looks like Poldi's time may be up. If he does go then surely we can bring in a proper number 9 to take his place.

We've got the money but have we got the inclination? Maybe not enough, as we've already missed out on Balotelli and Remy, both of whom would have offered us viable attacking options.

Instead without the injured Giroud, we're left with a rookie (Campbell), a trier (Sanogo), a seemingly disinterested or unfit clinical finisher (Poldi) and a new signing finding his feet in a new league (Sanchez).

All the above options are risky. If we're serious about winning the title, we need a new striker.

I'm not saying the current crop are not good enough, as it's too early to judge at least 3 of them. However, we need more options, not excuses and points unnecessarily dropped.

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