Wednesday 27 August 2014

Zigic to Arsenal hoax etc

Nikola Zigic to Arsenal? Who dreams up these stories?

Is it the same guy who said we'd be signing Manolas? The same Manolas who has just joined Roma?

Let's just pretend there's some truth in the Zigic story. Would we sign this experienced 6ft 7 inch striker, who was earning £60k per week at Birmingham before he became a free agent? In theory, yes, as we've done stranger things. Remember Fabian Caballero anyone? How about Chris Wreh, who at least made some impact? Can we honestly say that Zigic would fare worse than both of the aforementioned players?

Quite honestly, Zigic's arrival is slightly more likely than Falcao's or Cavani's, in my opinion.

Instead of that though, we'll wait for Giroud to mend and make do with Sanogo, Joel Campbell and Podolski. Surely one or more of those three will score enough goals to keep us in contention for silverware.

As long as Sanogo avoids injury, I think he could be some of the answer. Maybe he needs to be played alongside Podolski, with Wenger switching to 4-4-2. Sanogo can distract defenders and keep them busy, while Podolski (or even Sanchez, once he's acclimatises) concentrates on finishing.

That's the only way I can see us getting through games without a high-profile addition to the striking ranks. Fingers crossed, something will work in Giroud's absence.

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