Wednesday 18 December 2013

Kostly buy for Arsenal? Or Suarez?

Just picked up The Metro and they're saying we're going to bid for Greece striker Kostas Mitroglou. Liverpool are also in the race, apparently. Sounds like Championship Manager to me and no more real than a video game app.
Wenger will do his Xmas shopping in the German market, I reckon. He still has a dabble in France and Spain from time to time, so I won't be surprised if a new arrival comes from one of those three countries.
Shopping further afield seems more risky. Ryo still hasn't done enough (although let's hope he puts that right against Spurs in the FA Cup, if selected), Arshavin wasn't accommodated and was probably too outspoken, van Persie lacked loyalty (although other Dutchmen like Bergkamp - a Rioch signing - and Overmars have been a success for Wenger, Luzhny did a job as did Vivas, but the bottom line is nationality or the league a player is playing in make a big difference.
For instance, it's generally difficult for SPL players to make the jump to Premier League level. How many players have we bought from Scotland while Wenger has been in charge? None I can think of. Even the likes of McCarthy, who went to Wigan initially, was never going to join us directly. He would have to prove himself elsewhere in the Premier League first. I'm still not sure he's right for Arsenal, despite how well he's playing.
So there you have it. Le Boss is selective. Don't expect many new arrivals. I'd say two at most, but as I've said all along I'd settle for Suarez!

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