Thursday 19 December 2013

Owen wrong about Arsenal's Ozil

Michael Owen reckons Mesut Ozil is too inconsistent to lead us to glory. He said on Sportlobster: 'His (Ozil's) odd good performance is usually followed by a half a dozen poor ones.'
Now I can't disagree that Ozil is inconsistent. But my argument is he's not been world class for the majority of minutes in a game since he's been at Arsenal.
However, what he does do is produce a moment or two or more of magic in every match. He's a consummate creator, so even if he's playing poorly, he'll create a chance that no one else at Arsenal could. Now that's worth a lot in terms of goals and hopefully prizes too.
So to conclude, Ozil's inconsistent every game: moments of magic followed by the tragic (if you'll forgive the awful rhyme).

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