Tuesday 6 August 2013

If Fabianski was an ISP...

So what did the Emirates Cup tell us about Arsenal?

Nothing we didn't know. The current squad is not good enough to win a trophy. And we'll be lucky to finish top four if we're going to have Fabianski as our first-choice keeper.

Fabianski is not an accident waiting to happen. He's happening now! Therefore, Fabianski is an accident.

If Fabianski was an Internet service provider he would be lauded: for providing access to the net. Napoli certainly would thank him for at least one of their two goals.

However, what about Napoli's number one. Despite his penalty save is Reina significantly better? His misplaced pass to Gnabry tells us he's either lost it, or he doesn't give a monkeys about friendlies.

Any pluses? Sanogo looks a real prospect to me. He actually could be the new Anelka. Perhaps we should have higher expectations of him.

But let's not expect too much of our defence, which is one centre back (since Vermaelen's injury) and one keeper short (since Mannone's departure) of being as strong as we'd like. While neither Vermaelen nor Mannone made a obvious difference last season, their absence will allow the rest of the first teamers to get away with being in cruise control. Less competition for places can't be a good thing, no matter how much Wenger bleats on about Arsenal running on socialist principles.

Football is the ultimate capitalist enterprise. It's a harsh world for those who don't make it. Wenger's Arsenal is a more forgiving place, but the fans want value for money. That means trophies. Silverware is the measure of success. Wenger needs to realise that soon or this season could really be his last.

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