Friday 2 August 2013

No faith in Gang-zidis? Arsenal's mistakes reach Biblical proportions

They call it 'the silly season', but this pre-season has been ludicrous. Ivan Gazidis said we'd do our business early. I suppose it depends on what you call 'early' and what you call 'business'. Bringing in Yaya Sanogo was concluded quickly. Well done the club. Or should I say: 'The Gang-zidis of Three', composed of Gazidis, Dick Law and David Miles. Those three are responsible for getting all the paperwork done, although we hear Arsene Wenger ultimately decides who we're going for and how much we're prepared to pay. If that's true, then the trio are hamstrung by those parameters.

I'm not sure other clubs conduct their business in a more satisfactory way that Arsenal, but it seems that they are more decisive judging by how much most of them have done in comparison to us. David Dein seemed to have a lot more power than the current 'Gang-zidis'. Dein would get the player chosen by Wenger. That was his remit. It was simple. It worked. It was built on mutual trust.

You can't blame Wenger for not trusting Gang-zidis as much: Gazidis doesn't appear to be a 'football man' and, as for his gang, they rarely appear in the public domain at all.

Meanwhile, we can only guess why Wenger is reluctant to trust them with the money he's helped Arsenal accumulate. I suggest it's all down to a lack of trust, which has led to Arsenal's main man taking on too much work. As has been noted by a club insider, who will remain nameless as I don't want him getting fired, Wenger rarely smiles nowadays. In fact, I'd say the smile left him around the same time that Dein parted company with the club.

We need Dein back if we want to compete on the transfer front again. Without Dein, Wenger will more or less make do with the squad we've got. Arsenal fans will forever have a watching brief during transfer windows, casting envious eyes at rivals. As the Bible says: 'We shouldn't covet our neighbour's ass'. But it's not the asses, we want. It's the top talents. Wasn't there a Biblical story about that too? Something about talents being a currency that you shouldn't bury. It's about speculating to accumulate, something that Wenger is not prepared to do.

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