Saturday 10 August 2013

Arsenal's 'asset-stripping' continues, rebuilding waits

It may be financially prudent to asset strip before embarking on rebuilding, but it seems kamikaze to the extreme on the pitch. The latest 'assets' to go include Ignasi Miquel to Leicester on loan and Marouane Chamakh to Crystal Palace.

Miquel is probably not quite ready for Premiership football, so it's hard to argue with his loan move to the Foxes. Hopefully, he'll get plenty of game time there. That's all he needs. Once he's got that under his belt, I feel sure he'll make it.

Chamakh, meanwhile, is a completely different story. Of course, I've heard all sort of rumours, none of them publishable. All I can say is I'm so disappointed that a player who started with a goal at Liverpool has been offloaded without making a significant impact at the club. He's been a huge disappointment. We can only rue what could have been. I'm a great believer in the mantra that 'good players do not become bad overnight'.

Chamakh has made me question that belief. Yet, I seem to remember him having a decent game at Reading in the Carling Cup. Maybe he just needed more opportunities.

One thing's for sure: whoever's left will have plenty of opportunities to play!

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