Saturday 15 June 2013

Arsenal's transfer powder remains dry

What are Arsenal waiting for? While some of our rivals are strengthening their squads, the only exciting news at the Emirates is Peter Hill-Wood handing over the chair to Sir Chips Keswick. Will it make any difference? Probably not: the chairmanship of Arsenal seems more symbolic than functional.

So let's see what our Premier League rivals have done or are likely to do on the transfer front:

Man U: The champions have brought in Guillermo Varela, so they've not sat on their laurels.

Man C: Fernandinho and Jesus Navas plus a new manager (Manuel Pellegrini)! Sounds like they mean business!

Chelsea: Schurrle's signing has not been confirmed yet, but with Jose Mourinho back at the helm they're going to be tough to beat next season.

Arsenal: erm, well, we're working on it...

Spurs: major exodus going on, with talk that Defoe's leaving.

Everton: expect a load of Wigan players to turn up at Goodison Park and Fellaini to leave.

Liverpool: Kolo Toure's arrived on a free and there are some big deals expected to go through shortly. However, their best player (Luis Suarez) could leave.

So, it looks like the top 3 are in danger of pulling away from the rest of us. Once again, we could be in a 4-horse race for fourth with Spurs, Everton and Liverpool. That appears to be the extent of our ambition, unfortunately.

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