Tuesday 11 June 2013

Ryo's rising to the top

According to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, Ryo has got what it takes to rise to the top.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, Wenger said: 'I have great hopes for Ryo because he has traditional Japanese qualities. Japanese players technically have a very good touch, they are mobile, agile, a bit lightweight but they move well. It's usually a player that has a great attitude towards the team.

'Ryo has a fantastic attitude for sure. He has just come out of rehab after a big knee injury, and the physics have told me that they have never known an attitude like it. So he has those qualities, and as well he is tricky, has great pace, and works very hard.

'He has to learn to become mature tactically - shrewd tactically - but all the rest, he has.'

Wenger's quotes back up what I've been saying for a while: Ryo has an amazing attitude and work ethic. He's had his injury problems, but in time I expect Ryo to be a success. The only problem is, I'm not sure it will be at Arsenal.

I wonder if Wenger will use Arsenal's trip to Japan as a scouting mission. If Kubo keeps knocking the goals in for Kyoto, maybe he'll raid the J2 club. Who knows? It could be someone else who catches the Frenchman's eye.

Clearly, Wenger is impressed with Japanese players, so will be watching JSoccerMagazine's reports on young talent with interest!

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