Sunday 21 April 2013

Arsenal's sloppy pass count

I'm always happy with a 1-0 win. Especially at this time of the season when point are so precious.
It was a resilient performance from Arsenal against Fulham, but we need to be on our guard against sloppiness.
Perhaps it will surprise nobody to discover that Rambo was the worst offender in the sloppy-pass department. However, he offers a lot more running than his counterparts, so I wouldn't think of dropping him. I would think of buying a natural holding midfielder this summer, though.
Mikel Arteta, meanwhile, didn't put a foot wrong. What an example this guy is.
We've got Man Utd next, so let's hope Olivier Giroud's undeserved red card gets rescinded! We'll need him!
If not, Podolski or Theo could play upfront, but I prefer Giroud. The other two haven't had much chance to practise in that position, so no doubt Gervinho will be drafted back in. I bet United are quaking in their boots at the prospect! Ha ha!

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  1. Podolski seems to be the fan favorite to play up front if Giroud can't play. He played as a center forward for the Billy Goats of Köln. But they were primarily a counter attacking team when he was there, the designated positions don't mean much on such a team.

    1. It's true that Podolski has a lot of previous experience playing there, but all those games on the left wing for Arsenal may affect him a bit. Plus he's been on the bench a lot recently. It's not a good time for him to waltz in and grasp the nettle. Nevertheless, long-term I've always thought Podolski should be a striker for Arsenal. I thought the same about Theo, but Wenger keeps on giving Gervinho the chance to play there. I'm expecting more of the same!