Tuesday 23 April 2013

Guard of honour's good for Arsenal

As many predicted at the start of the season (not me though!), Robin van Persie will be welcomed at the Emirates with a guard of honour now that Man Utd are champions. I thought he'd do we'll at Old Trafford, but not this well! However, I did say United would win the league.
All we can hope for is they go off the boil after celebrating their 20th title. They're just playing for fun now, while we have the Champions League to fight for.
If Olivier Goroud's red card get rescinded that will be a huge bonus, as I think he'll cause United problems at the back.
It's always hard to imagine how we'll beat United, but once in a while we do it. We need to again with Spurs and Chelsea breathing down our neck.
All I care about is 3 points, right now. United can have all the guards of honour they want, providing we finish in the top 4 I'm not bothered.

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