Monday 15 April 2013

Will Wenger's wallet remain zipped up this summer, despite Goetze & Cavani talk?

The promising form of the late (which I predicted!), putting us up to third in the league, may make Arsene Wenger loath to open his wallet this summer. I mean, we've all seen how he struggles to open his 'sleeping bag-cum-coaching coat', so why should it be any different with the zipper on the perennially-closed Arsenal purse?

That's not stopped the media from speculating that Mario Goetze and Edinson Cavani will be on the way in to the Emirates with Lukas Podolski on the way out. Podolski, despite all the speculation, could be going somewhere or nowhere. How happy is he? Did he kiss the badge after scoring against Norwich? I don't think so. Maybe he could be offski. I hope not, but it's possible.

Meanwhile, despite his goals, some people doubt that Olivier Giroud is good enough. I still say 'yes, he is', but it was interesting that the players congratulated 'The Ox' for setting up the second goal rather than Olivier, who was claiming it (rather like Malcolm 'Supermac' MacDonald of old). You've got to love Giroud!

Anyway, it's a tough test next. Everton at home next, talk about 'squeaky bum time'!

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