Wednesday 20 February 2013

Your comments on Arsenal post-Bayern

ArsenalDude21: Why does this happen to Arsenal? We were once the most feared team in the league.

TLC: Every team has its ups and downs, but this bad form seems to be spiralling out of control. 9 pts from Villa, Spurs & Everton would change all that!

ThePagooner: It's not good to see Wenger lose it like that to the press.

TLC: It's so unusual to see Wenger this upset. But we're all human, so we shouldn't be too harsh on him. However, I don't think it helped the team.

Sunbungun: Regardless of finishing in top 4 or not, Wenger needs to leave.

TLC: But top 4 is Wenger's criterion for success. If Arsenal make the top 4, that's 'success', according to him (& presumably the board) so it would be unfair to sack Wenger.

ThePagooner: The players before the Bayern game looked very scared. I do feel the pressure that wenger is under to win a trophy is feeding into the team. Maybe a need a new boss to give us a fresh start.

TLC: Not sure we need a new boss, but the team looks cheaply assembled compared to the likes of Bayern. You often get what you pay for. Except if you're an ST holder at AFC!

Daulkner: I have always had a slight problem with Arsenal fans complaining about "investment", in whatever capacity you may be referring too, because the fact of the matter is that Arsenal FC is a business. Businesses are supposed to make the owner of the said establishment money. It is childish to demand a business to spend money. There is a certain amount of difference between KFC and a soccer team, true, but if fans don't like the product they are buying, stop buying it!

TLC: Investing in the team makes business sense, as then Arsenal could sell more merchandise and win more prize money and so on. It seems the board would rather not speculate to accumulate.

Daulkner: The real complaint seems to be: why doesn't a billionaire come here and spend billions? That is an absurd demand. Here in the US, if a team is s**t, then the team ends up losing money and then "goes out of business" which, since the teams are in a league, ends up meaning relocation. If the fans are supportive then the team doesnt leave, because they are spending their money. Once again: stop filling the stadium, and they will be forced to react. Stan may even sell. Wish granted.

TLC: I'm not so sure I want Stan Kroenke to leave Arsenal. I just would like to know why Alisher Usmanov is not being offered a place on the board.

Daulkner: But you English are too passionate for your own good, because you will continue to fill the stadium and buy the merchandise. But it might even be soemthing else: I think that players don't want to play at Arsenal. Hazard was linked here since he was 8. RVP was even treated like a son for seemingly 10 years, yet he still left ASAP. Indeed it comes back to cash flow, but if you don't have to spend money to make money, why would you?

TLC: Arsenal keep saying there is money to spend on players, but why do we wait until the last day of the transfer window to do business? It's parsimony over points & prizes.

Daulkner: Arshavin over Rosicky? Clearly you aren't watching Tomas in an unbiased fashion. True, Arshavin should play more, but Rosicky has performed well when on the ball, perhaps not as a starter, but he's still a solid player.

TLC: Arshavin has done a lot better at international level than Rosicky. Let's not forget the last World Cup. AA's won European silverware for Zenit, virtually single-handedly & scored 4 away at Anfield for Arsenal. The guy is a genius, albeit lazy at times. Rosicy has a superior work-rate, but that's about it. And the manager likes him, so he'll always get a chance to show what he can do.

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