Sunday 17 February 2013

Arsenal don't need the 'unholy Trinity'

At most clubs, heads roll after shock defeats. But Arsenal are special: we believe in continuity and stability. Even Manchester United have been giant-killed before. Knee-jerk reactions may satisfy disgruntled fans in the short term, but rarely does this policy bear fruit in the long-term.

As fourth is the new first at Arsenal and there won't be the distraction of playing in the FA Cup, the Gunners should be pushing for Champions League football panacea yet again. A win at White Lane should ensure that.

But first it's Bayern Munich in the Champions League and Villa in the Premier League. We need two wins. More than ever. That's not going to happen if we play the 'unholy Trinity' of Gervinho, Rosicky and Diaby. They represent the three sins of football: profligacy, fragility and a lack of common football sense. Quite why Wenger persists with this trio is beyond me. Rosicky was a good player, but injuries have taken their toll. The other two haven't done enough to justify selection. Ever.

They'll go the way of Denilson. Eventually. But stubborn Wenger will refuse to see it for quite a while longer. It's good that he believes in the players, but seeing gold in a piece of straw sticking out of some horse manure will cost us ultimately. And it won't fertilise the trophy cabinet!

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