Wednesday 20 February 2013

Something Keeganesque about Wenger's rant

It seems as if Arsene Wenger has calmed down. I'm glad about that.

Although it wasn't that professional, it's understandable that he got worked up during the pre-Bayern Munich press conference. After all, he's only human. Think about it. If some story was invented about you and printed by the press, how would you feel? Angry, I should think.

So Wenger was completely right to be annoyed. However, blowing a gasket prior to a big game versus Bayern was probably ill-advised.

It reminds me of when former Newcastle boss Kevin Keegan lost his temper on TV, after Sir Alex Ferguson had got under his skin near the end of the 1995-96 season. Fergie had suggested that Newcastle's next opponents might not focus on beating the Magpies. Like the recent allegations levelled at Wenger regarding a two-year contract, it was completely below the belt. Keegan's response was understandably passionate, but he showed a lack of poise. He showed he was rattled. Subsequently, nerves seemed to affect his team, which then dropped points and could only come second in the league. That's what can happen when the man at the top blows his top.

If Wenger follows the Keegan example, he'll resign in January 2014 (Keegan resigned in January 1997). That's quite a sobering thought.

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