Wednesday 27 February 2013

Arsenal's blessing in disguise!

No home games for a while. Not until Reading, at the end of the month. Mmm. Games in hand shouldn't worry us too much. Not much chance of a fixture pile-up, now we're out of all the cups. See? A blessing in disguise!

The Everton game will be played on Tues 16th April or the following day. It will be on the Wednesday if the Toffees get past the Latics. Yes, the Latics! Such a good nickname that two clubs use it. We're talking the latter Latics, the more successful ones right now: Wigan. Anyway, no disrespect to them but I expect Everton to win that and be in the semis. Hopefully, they'll be exhausted from playing at Wembley the weekend before they face us, which should make our job of getting 3 points easier.

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