Sunday 16 October 2011

Sunderland at home, easy for Sagna's replacement?

We can sleep easier at night now Wenger has told the media we have 3 potential replacements for the injured Sagna already at the club. Jenkinson. Mmm. Kos 'who has been educated as a right back' oh yeah? So why haven't we seen him there? Djourou. We've seen enough of him in that position thanks. And Santos. It's going to be hard enough for him to adjust to the Premier League without having to play on the wrong flank.

Playing a right-footed player on the right is a football basic. On the wing you can try a left-footer who can cut inside and shoot or pass but it doesn't usually work at right back in as much as a left-footed right back is ill-equipped to stop crosses coming in. So unless Santos is a world-beater or the opposition is sub-standard, we can expect crosses to rain in from our right. Good job Szczeny's in form.

With so many reasons for confidence how come I couldn't sleep? It's only Sunderland at home right?

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