Wednesday 14 September 2011

The predictions of Arsene Wenger/Noah/Nostradamus

Europe's heading for a huge financial crisis in the next 3 weeks to 3 months says Arsene 'Nostradamus' Wenger.

However, with £50m in the kitty still Arsenal in good shape to weather the coming economic storm. Wow! It's like we've got Noah at the helm and we're finally recruiting players 'two by two hurrah'.

Arsene's going to look pretty silly if football survives unscathed if there's another major economic downturn and even sillier of there's no imminent financial danger. It's pessimism like Wenger's that causes crises in confidence.

It's parsimony on the transfer front that results in less finance flowing through the game. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy if everyone plays the same game. But they don't. I predict more egg on Wenger's face and, if so, I hope he sticks to predicting football tactics in future. Or is he trying to tell us he's better qualified to be an economist than a football manager?

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