Sunday 24 July 2016

Wenger To Fans: "Expect Two More Signings"

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed the club is very much active in the transfer market which is very good news for Arsenal fans the world over. According to Wenger, the club is still in the market for an offensive and a defensive player. This to me means we can still expect Wenger to delight us with two more signings. The question as to whether they will be good enough is, however, another ball game.

Reports on Saturday claimed Arsenal had agreed personal terms with Riyad Mahrez ahead of a reported £42 million deal with Leicester City. According to the reports, the agent of the Algerian was at the game when Arsenal took on Lens in the first pre-season game.

Wenger, however, believes the last month of the transfer window will not be as straight forward as the fans and the media seem to think. According to the Frenchman, it will be a "poker game".

“We look still for an offensive position and defensive position,” Wenger told the Arsenal website. “We are very active on the transfer market but it’s a long time to go. Everybody has a handbrake on at the moment.

“It’s a little bit of a poker game until mid-August in my opinion. So we might have to be good at poker. We are very active, and if we find the right candidates we will spend big money.”

I slightly agree with Wenger, to be fair. The likes of PSG, Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid will still do some big business before the transfer window ends. However, the problem with Wenger's tactics is these clubs could blow Arsenal out of the water financially in a late transfer frenzy.

For instance, we could wait for Real Madrid to make their big moves like they always tend to do every summer and if, for instance, they move for Hazard, which in my opinion is very possible this summer, who says Chelsea won't see Draxler, who has been linked with us, as the replacement for the Belgian? Or say James Rodriguez goes to PSG and Madrid captures Hazard, who will Chelsea sign as Hazard's replacement? Mahrez? Draxler? Can we honestly compete with Chelsea when it comes to a bidding war?

And if reports in the media in the last few days are to be believed, this situation is already playing out with rumours linking Lacazette with a big money move to Napoli, who are reportedly close to sell Higuain to Juventus. With Napoli having more money from the Higuain sale, can we honestly say we have a chance to beat them to a signing should they become interested in any of our targets?

Considering how desperate our need for a striker and a wing forward is, I personally would prefer it if we make our moves and not wait for the others to make their moves especially as, under Wenger, we will never win a bidding war. If we are ready to go into bidding wars with clubs for our targets, this waiting game or poker game could work but, as every realistic Arsenal fans know, Wenger doesn't do bidding wars.

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