Sunday 31 July 2016

"Expect Mahrez To Arsenal News In Days," Journalist Confirms: Ranieri Now "Bothered"

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was one of the guests early this morning when PSG thrashed Leicester City 4-0 in a pre-season game in California. The appearance of the Frenchman at the game has further added fuel to the Riyad Mahrez to Arsenal rumours.

Mahrez was Leicester's best player last season; he scored 17 goals and created 11 assists. He has reportedly rejected Leicester City's offer of a new contract and, with Wenger at the game yesterday, the rumours have gathered more steam. Mahrez's performance was subdued, which may be the result of the rumours surrounding his future.

But surely, Wenger can't have been put off by his poor performance yesterday, as the Frenchman is experienced enough to know not to judge a player based on one game, especially a player who has been the subject of such intense media speculation.

Although the Leicester Mercury correspondent Rob Tanner has tried to down play the importance of Wenger at the game this morning, he also tweeted the following;

That was in reference to the question that Ranieri was asked in regards to Mahrez's future with the Foxes. Interesting, right? Ranieri has always maintained he is "not bothered" about the rumours linking Mahrez away from Leicester City and then his stance changed all of a sudden to "might be a little distracted".

Another journalist, who was at the game tweeted the following;
Despite all Ranieri's denials, virtually every media outlet believe there is a real chance of Mahrez signing for Arsenal this summer. In my opinion, it is a matter of Wenger wanting the player enough. No club wants to sell their best players but many times, when a player wants to leave, he often gets his wish. Berbatov's Tottenham and Manchester United saga of those years comes to mind here. The same thing happened at Arsenal with Adebayor, Robin Van Persie, Nasri and Fabregas.

Leicester City fans can delude themselves as much as they want, but the fact remains that if Wenger is ready to pay the £45 million fee Leicester are reportedly demanding for Mahrez and the player wants to leave (which seems the case especially with the reports that he has rejected Leicester's Offer of a new contract) then Leicester have little to no chance of keeping him.

Leicester City fans can delude themselves and point to the Berahino saga of the last two transfer windows, but ask them to point to any other similar saga, and they probably won't be able to, as players usually get the move they want.


  1. 4-0 what an embarrassment. I wonder if the dummy lineker was watching

  2. Your attempt to troll Leicester fans with these blogs is about a four out of 10 at best. Still, if it helps you take your mind off another season to be riddled with failures while being led by "key man" Giroud then it would be cruel to deny you such a forum. It says a lot about the demise of Arsenal when its fan base has become so concerned about little old Leicester.