Sunday 31 July 2016

Confirmed By Sky Sports - Mahrez, Lacazette & Mustafi Could Join Arsenal Before Window Closes

With the new season opening in the next few days, there have been rumours linking English clubs to the signing of one player or another. Arsenal have not been left out when it comes to transfer speculation. Unfortunately, not all media outlets are reliable, but when the likes of Sky Sports, the BBC and the Times are reporting a story, one needs to take note.

Today, Sky Sports are claiming Arsenal are very likely to sign Mustafi, Lacazette and Mahrez before the transfer window closes on September third. Sky Sports are tracking all transfer stories and have given them a rating out of 5.0 with the likeliest to happen closest to 5.

Sky Sports have Mustafi moving to Arsenal before the transfer window closes rated at 4.8, which is not a surprise considering Sky Germany, a member of the Sky Sports group broke the news. They certainly have been informed of Arsenal's interest in the German.

Lacazette is rated at 4.5 out of 5.0 to move to Arsenal before the window closes, while Mahrez is rated at 4.4. Bruno Peres, who has recently been linked with Arsenal is rated at 2.9, which indicates that Sky Sports doesn't expect the transfer of the Brazilian to happen.

Considering how reliable Sky Sports are, I personally find these ratings to be very interesting. Could Sky have been privy to insider information, which makes them believe Arsenal are going to sign Mahrez, Lacazette and Mustafi before the transfer window closes?

Sky are certainly well placed and if they think these three transfers will happen, then they must have been informed of Wenger's intentions for the rest of the transfer window. And the good thing is, these three transfers will cost Arsenal about £90 million at most: an amount Arsenal shouldn't have any problem paying, considering they have over £200 million in reserve.

Should all three transfers happen, it will be very interesting for Arsenal. The signing of those three will certainly make Arsenal one of the favourites for the title. Mahrez will be a much-needed upgrade on Theo Walcott.

And with Lacazette scoring 48 goals in two seasons, more than Giroud, Walcott and Sanchez combined in the same period, Arsenal would have brought in a striker that may not be world class yet, but has the potential to become a world-class striker under Wenger.

Meanwhile, Mustafi will be a solid addition to our defensive line. He has experience at the top level and won't need much time to settle in the Premier League having started his football career with Everton, before leaving in 2012.

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  1. Only probleam is the window closes on 31St of August and can't see Sky Sports would get that date wrong which does make u wonder how they could have released this story