Thursday 10 December 2015

Arsene's miracle makers

This Arsenal team is capable achieving great heights and alarmingly low depths. Last night was an example of how well the Gunners can play despite severe injury problems.

Wenger called the 3-0 victory away at Olympiacos 'a fantastic achievement' and I'm inclined to agree. After the event, some people said the Greek side are not that strong, but their home record speaks for itself. Any win there would have been a good result, but to go there under pressure to win by two goals and to get one more than necessary can't be bad!

However, Roy Keane still claims that Giroud is not a top striker, despite hat-trick and the fact that he has scored as many Premier League goals as the much-heralded Harry Kane this season. I know which of the two I'd prefer in my team!

Another player who is not getting the credit he deserves is Flamini. The Frenchman hit the crossbar, which showed that he offers more threat going forward than Coquelin. Now that he's had a run in the team, Flamini is improving. I've always been a big fan of 'Flames' and the only worrying aspect about him is his age. He certainly has made a more positive impact than Arteta this season and he should earn a new contract at this rate.

Joel Campbell is yet another underestimated player. It's hard to see why after he set up Giroud for the second goal in Greece with a sublime bit of skill and a clever incisive pass.

Overall, it is obvious that this team is capable of winning the Premier League, although with Wolfsburg, Real or Atletico Madrid, Barcelona or Zenit next up an early Champions League exit seems likely.

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