Monday 30 November 2015

Who's really in charge at Arsenal?

Apart from the result at Norwich and the lack of energy from the team, the most disturbing thing to emerge post-match was Alexis Sanchez declaring himself fit to play before the game and Wenger taking his word for it.

Now Sanchez faces time out on the sidelines, nursing a hamstring injury, and my question is shouldn't a player's fitness be determined by the medical staff and the manager?

In this era of sports science, there simply is no good reason why so many Arsenal players are in the sickbay. While, skillful teams do get fouled more, not all these injuries are from collisions with other players.

Wenger needs to protect key players from burn-out and, if he can't do that with the existing squad, he needs to add to it in January. It's as simple as that!

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