Wednesday 6 August 2014

Hummels, Arbeloa or Agger for TV @ Arsenal?

Mats Hummels. Just about the best centre back in the world. Well, that's my opinion and it's not just because he's now a World Cup winner. However, he didn't play alongside Mertesacker much in the Germans' successful campaign, did he?

Alvaro Arbeloa. A versatile player, the wrong side of 30. For some reason, I'm thinking of Silvestre (who was a lot better than most fans like to admit, but hardly covered himself in glory).

Daniel Agger. A decent enough centre back, but not somebody to set the pulse racing even if we can convince Liverpool to sell him to us (see Luis Suarez, i.e. They're not fond of selling to us!).

Thomas Vermaelen. The defender who needs to be replaced, should he sign for Barcelona as expected. Most
Arsenal fans could stomach that, rather than a move to Man Utd that could end up biting us on the backside.

To conclude, I'd go for Hummels. The only problem would be, who would you drop? Mertesacker or Koscielny? I suspect the 'Big Friendly German' would get the boot to the bench for most games.

Given that BFG is a potential skipper should Arteta and Vermaelen leave, I think Wenger will look for a versatile experienced player to provide back up to his first-choice defenders. Hence, I predict a move for Arbeloa or someone of that ilk.

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