Wednesday 6 August 2014

Arteta is no Denilson

I read an article recently comparing Arteta to Denilson. I can't help but feel the comparison is grossly unfair.

Although the writer thought Denilson was a bit under-rated, I'd beg to differ. He's been dubbed 'the deck chair' by the Highbury Spy on the Gooner Podcast and for good reason.

Denilson rarely broke into a sweat, while at Arsenal, and that wasn't down to superior fitness. His work-rate was pretty appalling, especially when you compare him to Arteta.

The 3.5m signing offered little offensively and almost nothing defensively. It took Wenger a while to smell the coffee with Denilson, but once he did he despatched him back to Brazil, where he still plays without distinction for São Paulo.

By contrast, even if Arteta does leave, he can leave with his head held high. He's made a hugely positive contribution to the club and, aside from last season, quickly became one of the most reliable players in the team. Whenever he was absent, our play lost its solidity.

However, he's not getting any younger, so it's becoming increasingly difficult for him to dominate games. I think it would be a lot fairer to compare him to Gilberto Silva given what Arteta has done on the pitch for Arsenal.

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