Sunday 10 August 2014

Crunch time for Arsenal's Jack the lad?

Jack Wilshere is obviously one of Arsenal's most popular players with the fans, but the pressure is mounting on him to consistently deliver.

Back in the 1970s, the same kind of thing was said about Charlie George, who found more consistency elsewhere at Derby.

I fear the same might happen with Jack, as it's difficult to see where he fits in.

I mean, how can he play 6/7 games on the spin if he's not a regular starter?

First of all, he's not a winger, so he's unlikely to play wide in midfield.

Secondly, he's not a defensive midfielder, so despite his tenacious tackling he's unlikely to play there often.

Thirdly, despite what Tony Adams says, I don't exactly see Mesut Ozil as his like-for-like replacement. If we're going to have a player 'in the hole', it should be Ozil. If it's a 5-man midfield we want it has to be Jack. But are we going to leave our record signing on the bench so Jack can get game time?

No! The only position I can see Jack playing in is that occupied by Rambo.

At the moment, Rambo is 'undroppable'. Therefore, if Jack gets his chance to play in Rambo's attacking midfield role, he has to seize it. Otherwise, I can see him getting a lot of his playing time from the bench.

Nevertheless, you've got to admit there's healthy competition in midfield, so that can only augur well for Arsenal. Whether the same can be said for Jack, we shall see.

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