Tuesday 29 July 2014

Signings arrive like buses @ Arsenal

It's a bit of a hackneyed simile, but signings are certainly arriving like buses at Arsenal all of a sudden.

Calum Chambers is not a player I thought Wenger would sign, given that we now have 3 other right backs who are probably good enough for Premier League football: Bellerin, Jenkinson, Debuchy. Although, Chambers has been bought for his versatility and ability to play at centre back, if required.

Bellerin and Jenkinson look set for moves now, as Wenger prefers to work with a small squad, it seems. Bellerin is expected to join Real Zaragosa on loan, while a permanent £3m transfer to West Ham beckons for 'Corporal' Jenkinson.

I'm a bit shocked that our enthusiastic corporal could be offloaded so cheaply and so permanently. I must admit, he took a long time to win me over, but once he did I realised that he has most of what you need to be a successful right back in the modern game. It was obvious he had pace and technique from the start, so the only thing missing was experience. He's gained quite a lot, after being thrown in the deep end at Old Trafford and coming out of it chastened but wiser.

I can only guess that Jenkinson has upset the hierarchy with his recent song about Spurs, that has gone viral amongst Arsenal fans. Personally, although I appreciate his commitment to the cause, I would have advised him against going so public in voicing his aversion to our rivals. After all, he's a professional now, not just a fan. The reason I'm assuming this is I feel sure his performances on the field have been good enough. Therefore, I can only guess why we'd let him go and where we'd let him go to. West Ham seems most likely right now, but watch this space!

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