Wednesday 30 July 2014

Arsenal count the Costa Khedira?

Why do Arsenal keep getting linked with creative midfielders? I think I know the answer: it sells papers.

I really can't believe the Sami Khedira link. I don't think he'd improve our midfield that much and his salary is going to cause a lot of envy in the dressing room.

What about Douglas Costa? Okay, he
might want to leave Donestsk, but how many number 10s do we need? We're sticking with Ozil, as the main man, I reckon, so we've got no pressing need to add to the creative midfield department.

Additionally, we've got the versatile Santi who can step into Ozil's shoes. Obviously, if Cazorla leaves that could change the whole situation, but I'm not seeing that on the near horizon.

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