Sunday 20 July 2014

Lessons from Borehamwood v Arsenal

How much could we learn from a friendly? Well, thanks to the Twittersphere, I was reliably informed that Debuchy was still on holiday after his World Cup exertions. Doh! I should have realised that the World Cup participants would be late back for training after a much-needed rest.

Aside from that, not very much was learned, unfortunately. The game was tepid. The pace was non-existent especially in the first half.

I was hoping Sanogo would score. I thought it would boost his self-confidence. He definitely adds something to our attack, but he needs to add goals to his game. His finishing was poor, although I took solace in the fact he was getting into the right positions. However, he doesn't look fit. No surprises, maybe. But where was the motivation? Sanogo has a chance to really make it this season, but he didn't look bothered.

Lots of people don't pay attention to friendlies, but I remember thinking Fabianski was a poor signing after a shaky display against Barnet. He didn't exactly become a legend, did he?

Apart from my comments about Sanogo, there's not much to say. Ramsey was dominant and impressive, and I still feel Bellerin is the youngster most likely to make it, although Ollson may give him a run for his money.

So a 2-0 win and food for thought as we head to New York to take on Thierry Henry's Red Bulls.

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