Friday 18 July 2014

Arsenal fans can start celebrating now!

As regular readers will know, I didn't exactly jump up and down when Alexis Sanchez signed for Arsenal. The mere sight of yet another undisclosed fee, albeit a big one, does not have that effect on me. It didn't even make me break into a swift trot.

However, I feel very differently about Mathieu Debuchy. We've now bought a player I thought we should have bid for ages ago. He's delivered at Newcastle, so imagine what he's going to do for us! I think he'll be an excellent signing and may help us stop shipping goals by the bucket load (as buckets are often needed against the 'big team' to collect whatever liquid our leaky defence produces). He can also provide as much as Sagna going forward and it's no coincidence he's France's first choice at right back.

See! It is possible to please me! Somebody wrote to tell me I'm a 'professional moaner'. That may be true. But I do know value when I see it, and that's what Debuchy. Sanchez may be too, but we won't see his best until 2015-6 at the earliest. In Debuchy's case it may start from the first game of the season. And maybe, if selected, against Borehamwood tomorrow (Ed: except he's still on holiday!)!

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