Monday 24 February 2014

Great Pretender scores 'great' goal

Typical. I start moaning (did I ever stop?) about Rosicky's contribution only to watch him put the deft finishing touch on what was a 'great' team goal. Not only that, against Sunderland Rosicky did a lot of what he's good at: short passing and moving.
Rosicky didn't do as much of what I normally criticise him for: over-ambitious long passes, silly fouls and poor tackles. However, early on one of his long passes was intercepted, and late on he shoved an opponent needlessly to gift Sunderland possession.
What cracked me up was Wenger saying what a great organiser Rosicky is. I noticed him getting Jenkinson to mark an opponent and then not marking someone himself: I guess that's called 'organising', by some people. I call it something else.
There is no question, though, that Rosicky is a popular member of the team. That's why his deficiencies are masked.
Can we say the same about 'Dead Leg' Ozil? Mmm, probably not. I suspect Ozil is quiet in the dressing room and feels unappreciated. I hope that changes soon because, although Rosicky is about to sign a new deal, he represents a not hugely successful Arsenal past. Meanwhile, Ozil could be the embodiment of a glorious future. If he's made welcome, that is.

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