Monday 20 January 2014

Gunner na na na Gnabry

It's good to know great minds think alike and Serge Gnabry is now the proud subject of the tuneful remake of KC & The Sunshine Band hit from the 80s 'Give it up' sung by the fans. Unlike the song, Gnabry never gives it up...the ball, I mean, and was one of our best players against Fulham.

I just hope he doesn't go the way of Na Na Na Nasri, whose name was put to the same melody yet is taboo nowadays: and I don't mean the sweetest kind that Sade sang about either!

Nah, Gnabry is a superbly gifted youngster. Although we shouldn't put to much pressure on him, he's like a new signing...or as close as we'll get to one this January! He certainly makes a difference and his presence means Theo Walcott's absence is less keenly felt.

I don't think any defenders like playing against Gnabry. He's quick, tenacious, strong. He's even sensible on the ball, in that he doesn't make immature decisions like some other players his age are prone to do.
I'm actually starting to believe we might win something this season and Gnabry is one of the reasons why.

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