Monday 2 September 2013

There's no £m in Team Arsenal

Arsenal proved yesterday there's no need for the 'm' in team to stand for millions of pounds, after overcoming Spurs 1-0 at the Emirates.

Mathieu Flamini has an a 'm' in his name, and it might not stand for 'mercurial' but his 'n' means necessary to me. As Jamie Carragher said on Sky Sports, Flamini made a difference. The former Liverpool defender reckons we should bring in a better player than Flamini, but nevertheless he is the type of player we need. He certainly shielded our defence well.

I'm not sure why Graeme Souness kept saying Aaron Ramsey needs to add goals to his game. Doesn't he know he's been scoring in the Champions League? I've got a lot of respect for Soeuy, who later went on to say that deadline day deals cost 50% more than transfers concluded prior to that. I wish he'd tell Arsenal that!

As fans, we never know exactly how much the club has paid out: every fee is undisclosed, so it's all guesswork for us. Keep us in the dark and feed us shed-loads of lies and half-truths: is that the policy?

Anyway, no complaints about Arsenal's team spirit. Having a small squad does have its benefits. The desire against Spurs was extraordinary. You could see Spurs are just a group of talented individuals in comparison. Even Chelsea's Jose Mourinho prefers a small squad. However, with all the injury problems we've got it's hard to see how Arsenal can justify being completely inactive on transfer deadline day.

All will be revealed (except for the size of the fees and the length of the contracts) by 11pm (or 12 midnight, according to Wenger, who quickly corrected his Freudian slip, which told us a lot!).

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