Friday 31 May 2013

Southbound Suarez is worth a punt for Arsenal!

Liverpool's Luis Suarez is going 'In Through The Out Door', if I want to write this in Led Zeppelinesque English!

I was quite shocked to hear Suarez's outburst on Sky Sports, as he claimed that 'his coach and colleagues' haven't treated him well at Liverpool. It's also a bit hard to believe. On that basis, you have to say that Suarez is worth steering clear of.

But look at Eric Cantona. He was trouble, unless you knew how to get the best out of him. Sir Alex Ferguson did that, and the trophies weren't far away afterwards for Man United.

In contrast, Arsene Wenger steers clear of bad boys. That's why I'll be surprised if we try to sign Suarez. Then there's the price tag. Suarez won't come cheaply, so that rules us out yet again!

I'd take a chance if it were me managing Arsenal. I'd consider trying to get him on loan to minimise the risk, a bit like West Ham did with Andy Carroll.

Like another Led Zep song, he will be a 'Southbound Suarez', but it'll be further south to Real Madrid, or possibly Napoli for the best striker in last season's Premier League.

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